Service Commitment

As a Web Designer/Developer, I would like to offer my services to you. I can produce a new high-quality website for your business, redesign an old website or simply help you with search engine optimization (SEO) practices. A well-designed, properly functioning website is vital today. Without it, your business will quite possibly be overlooked, and you will be missing out on the positive impact it can have on your business.

I personally work with all aspects of the design, creation, development and implementation of your website. Your site will be optimized to display correctly on all devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones. I will provide you with the latest in technological advancements, bringing your business into the foreground of the competition. Whether you are considering a startup website or wish to make improvements to a well-established site, you will be provided with only the most cost-effective solutions. I specialize in helping small businesses by creating a simple, yet powerful website that will represent your business on the internet. I am an expert in designing and implementing solutions to aid in the success of your company.

If you would rather manage your own presence on the internet, I can help with that as well. I will assist you with only the things you need to put your business on top. This is a very cost-effective way of doing business.

A little about me. I do this because I truly enjoy it and I want to help small businesses look their very best on the internet. I am told that I do a pretty good job at this. If you would like, I can provide samples of my work and you can decide for yourself.

I am NOT some large design corporation but rather a freelancer doing this out of passion. I take a personal interest in the success of your business. You will also find my rates to be quite reasonable. You will only pay for as much work as you would like done. When the project is complete, you will be the owner of the site and I will manage only what you agree to.

If teaming-up with me makes good business sense to you, please reply to me on this email so that we can get started right away making your web presence the best it can be.